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FAQ - Design Junky

These are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) for Design Junky:

How long does it take to get a site design/re-design?

Site designs can sometimes take 3 weeks or longer from the start of the project, depending on the amount of work and size of the site. If a site contains more than the average work or if I am unable to get the information I need in a timely manner, the site design will take longer.

Can you design a site on and not a self-hosted site?

While some work can be done to a site (example of a site:, there is very little that I will be able to do. If you are insistent on working strictly on your site, I can discuss how this can be done and payment options.

How long will my site be down while you work on it?

Because I know how important it is to keep our readers, even during a re-design, I start all re-design work on a test site. Once you approve the final design I will begin installing the work on your site. Installation should only take a few hours, however, please be available via email or other online option (Google talk, FB, etc.) in the event that any problems arise during installation.

Do you need my login information?

Yes, I will need your login details in order to finish your site. If you have Blogger I ask that you temporarily change your password, then, once the installation is completed, you can change it back. If you have WordPress, you can either temporarily change the password or you can add a new user giving me full admin rights and delete the user when installation is complete. If I am uploading photos, backgrounds, etc. I require that you have a Photobucket (or similar) account and provide us access to that account for storing these images. Please know that I will never share your user-name or password with anyone and once the project is completed, this information will be destroyed.

Will I lose anything from my site by having it re-designed?

The only thing that will change in the site design is the look of the site and if I add any sidebar items, anything currently on the site will not change unless you request it. I do, however, strongly recommend you back up your site prior to Design Junky making changes. If you need help with this, please let me know.

Do you offer help with making the transition from one platform to another (ex. From Blogger to Wordpres)?

Yes, I can help with transitioning from one platform to another. This may require some additional fees such as domain hosting, etc. however, I can discuss this with you at the time of planning.

Where can I find images to use on my site?

There are several free image sites such as Photobucket, Stock.xchng and FreeRange Stock. I also recommend using iStockphoto which is a fantastic paid service. If you choose a photo from this site, please note that I will charge $1 per credit and photos typically run 10 to 20 credits depending on the size.

Can I purchase a custom design for someone else as a gift?

Absolutely! When you purchase the design, please let me know that the design is for someone else and include their contact information. Once they get back with me and fill out their questionnaire, I can begin the design work.

When do I pay?

You pay up front when placing your order. This is to ensure that payment is received for the work and time that I put in as well as ensuring that any options that need to be paid for are taken care of. An invoice will be sent to you once I am ready to begin working on the site.

What if I have trouble with my design?

I am here to help even after I have completed the design work. Please contact me if anything seems off at